WAT-70Xi: Wax Appearance Temperature

ASTM D5773 (IP 446), ASTM D2500 (IP 219 / ISO 3015) equivalent

Also known as cloud point, wax appearance temperature is the temperature at which a crude oil sample first precipitates solid wax as it is being cooled under prescribed test conditions.

Phase Technology’s new WAT-70Xi analyzer is the world’s first and only totally automatic process to measure WAT and WDT of crudes and marine fuel, capable of performing reliable testing of VLSFO and residual black oils. Based upon ASTM D5773, our proprietary optical light scattering technique detects phase changes with extreme sensitivity and accuracy.

This important scientific break-through means that even the darkest, most opaque samples can now be easily tested, with 1.0° C precision. The Phase Technology WAT-70Xi offers a considerable efficiency advantage—just load the sample, and the analyzer does the rest, with tests completed in just 20-40 minutes. There’s no time-consuming manual set-up needed, and cleaning is done automatically after each test.

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