Moisture Analyzer

The EM120-HR moisture analyzer meets the highest international quality standards. Precisa has developed an instrument which not only provides a high degree of precision, but also offers an outstanding array of additional options. EM120-HR will fit perfectly into your IT environment and has integrated USB and RS232 connections to external PC’s and equipment.

Generous memory capacity, optimum control for measuring processes and state-of-the-art, user-friendly high-end weighing technology are its most impressive features.

  • Features
  • Resources
  • Swiss made
    Swiss made
  • Backlit graphic LCD
    Backlit graphic LCD
  • Self-Calibration-System
  • Easy alphanumeric input
    Easy alphanumeric input
  • RS232 interface for PC / printer
    RS232 interface for PC / printer
  • USB device
    USB device
  • Communication options
    Communication options
  • Support IQ/OQ/PQ
    Support IQ/OQ/PQ
  • Anti-theft protection
    Anti-theft protection
  • Clock (printout GLP/GMP, auto-cal, etc.)
    Clock (printout GLP/GMP, auto-cal, etc.)
  • Check weighing
    Check weighing
  • Statistics
  • Automatic repeatability test
    Automatic repeatability test

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