Moisture analyzer

The XM66 Moisture analyzer delivers rapid moisture results for sewage and waste water treatment plants. The increased weighing range of 310g enables both the use of heavier tare vessels and greater specimen quantities. The XM66 moisture analyzer offers the option to store four weighing results which make it possible to calculate the ash residue after ashing of the specimen has been completed externally.

  • Features
  • Resources
  • Swiss made
    Swiss made
  • Vacuum fluorescent display
    Vacuum fluorescent display
  • External calibration
    External calibration
  • RS232 interface for PC / printer
    RS232 interface for PC / printer
  • Support IQ/OQ/PQ
    Support IQ/OQ/PQ
  • Anti-theft protection
    Anti-theft protection
  • Clock (printout GLP/GMP, auto-cal, etc.)
    Clock (printout GLP/GMP, auto-cal, etc.)

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