Optical Comparator CC-16

CC-16 – High Performance and Quality
The CC-16 is a top quality optical comparator designed to meet the needs of today’s manufacturers.
Its 16” diameter screen displays crisp, evenly illuminated images at every available magnification.
You can use ImageCapture to save those screen images to document your inspections.
  • 16” diameter screen
  • 15” x 6” XY travel with 7.5° helix motion
  • Quick release X axis and fine adjustment knobs in X and Y
  • Heavy cast mineral composite base
  • Rigid, all-steel construction
  • 0.00004” XY scales
Optics & Illumination
  • Fully telecentric with upright, corrected image
  • Internal quick change lens mount and lens storage rack
  • 3.9” constant working clearance
  • 10X mag lens, standard
  • 3 vivid TruLight™ all LED illuminators available
DRO & Software
  • Quadra-Chek QC-100 standard
  • QC-200 or QC-300 Series DRO optional
  • Optional EdgeScan™ for internal automatic edge detection
  • Optional eCAD™ electronic chart overlay package
  • Optional MeasureFit Plus for CAD analysis fitting
  • Optional SmartReport with real-time statistics
  • Optional ImageCapture software for saving images and movies
  • Optional eChek™ metrology software

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