Optical Comparator CC-30S

CC-30S Unmatched Optical Comparator
The CC-30S is an optical comparator that offers the unbeatable combination of strength, stability, and pin-point accuracy to provide the best
image possible in the most rigorous shop floor environments. With the user-friendly side-screen design, CC-30S enables you to get
close for ultimate screen viewing.
  • 30” diameter screen
  • 15” x 10” XY travel
  • Heavy duty cast iron and nickel plated worktable support structure
  • 0.00004” XY scales
Optics & Illumination
  • Telecentric with fully corrected image
  • 5 position internal lens turret
  • 10.4” constant working clearance
  • 5X-100X projection lenses
  • Mercury arc direct surface profile illumination
Electronics & Software
  • Quadra-Chek QC-100 is standard, or choose a QC-200 or QC-300 Series DRO
  • Optional MeasureFit Plus for CAD analysis fitting
  • Optional SmartReport with real-time statistics
  • Optional EdgeScan™ for internal automatic edge detection
  • Optional eChek™ metrology software

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