QVI OGP SmartScope


Multisensor Measurement Systems

SmartScope systems from OGP utilize multiple capabilities, usually found in multiple specialized systems, within a single system. This added versatility translates into lower capital expense and lower operating costs for your benefit.

QVI OGP Fusion Multisensor Measurement System


Multisensor Measurement System

Fusion® is an innovative, high-speed, multisensor measurement system with 3D capability that combines an exceptional large field-of-view (LFOV) optical system with multisensor flexibility to form a uniquely productive metrology system.

QVI OGP FlexPoint Multisensor Measurement System


Multisensor Measurement System

Parts normally requiring multiple machines for complete inspection, are efficiently measured on the FlexPoint, improving accuracy and speed. The high speed, air bearing, bridge transport employs active thermal compensation and is well suited to the factory floor.

QVI OGP StarLite Video Measurement System


StarLite™ systems are programmable semi-automatic video measurement systems.  A motorized 6.5:1 zoom lens and motorized Z axis make StarLite systems far more capable than what is typically considered a manual system.

QVI OGP SprintMVP Video Measurement System


Video Measurement System

SprintMVP™ – Programmable Multi-Sensor Video Metrology System – Utilizing a 6.5:1 motorized, programmable zoom lens allows the user to focus at the optimum magnification. High speed, high accuracy stage on an all granite platform for thermal stability.

QVI OGP SNAP Video Measurement System


Video Measurement System

SNAP™ Large FOV Video Measurement Systems are compact measuring systems that integrate perfectly from the shop floor, to the lab, or as part of an automated work cell. Rugged construction and an open work envelope make SNAP easy to implement in virtually any manufacturing setting.

QVI OGP ShapeGrabber Laser Scanning System


ShapeGrabber 3D Laser Scanning systems deliver fast, accurate and automated 3D measurement. The ShapeGrabber is ideal for measuring complex shapes such as molded plastics, castings, stampings, and machined parts and that are time-consuming, costly, and difficult to measure.

QVI OGP Cobra Laser Scanning System


Laser Scanning System

Cobra™ Laser Profiling systems from OGP use low-power laser lights to measure height, area, slope, and radius. These laser profilers are ideal for a variety of applications where non-contact measurement is critical to ensure integrity for your parts while measuring to precise accuracies.

QVI OGP Lazer 200 Laser Scanning System

Lazer 200

The Lazer 200 is an innovative non-contact measuring system that uses laser scanning and video support for surface topography measurements.

QVI OGP Contour Projectors

Contour Projectors

Optical Comparators

QVI OGP c-vision Optical Comparators


Optical Comparators

c-vision™ Video Contour® Projectors from OGP combine the speed and accuracy of video measurement systems with the rugged capacity of an optical comparators to create the world’s best shop-floor measuring tools for 2D measurement.

QVI Benchmark 250 High Performance Optic Systems

Benchmark 250

High Performance Optic Systems

Its compact size and powerful software make the Benchmark 250 a versatile High Performance Optic Systems that can be easily configured as either a dedicated gauge for critical dimension measurements or as a general purpose vision measurement system for routine quality monitoring.

QVI Benchmark 300 High Performance Optic Systems

Benchmark 300

High Performance Optic Systems

The VIEW Benchmark™ 300 is engineered for high performance and reliability in a floor model package. Advanced optics, illumination, image processing, and available Continuous Image Capture make VIEW Benchmark a world-class metrology system.

QVI Benchmark 450 Metrology Systems

Benchmark 450

Metrology Systems

The VIEW Benchmark™ 450 delivers VIEW performance with generous measuring envelopes. Benchmark 450 embodies the ideal configuration of SMT assembly metrology when configured with VIEW’s unique Elements software.

QVI Benchmark XLT Metrology Systems

Benchmark XLT

Metrology Systems

The Benchmark XLT is designed to handle large area parts or nested groups of smaller parts using its moving bridge design. Advanced image processing allows the Benchmark XLT to operate with high speed, accuracy and robustness.

QVI Pinnacle 250 Metrology Systems

Pinnacle 250

The Pinnacle 250 offers the highest accuracy and fastest speeds of the VIEW line. Its high performance and compact footprint make it VIEW’s most popular model.

QVI Pinnacle Plus Metrology Systems

Pinnacle Plus

Pinnacle Plus features a rigid granite optical support structure and a high performance Z-axis motion assembly to produce the lowest possible uncertainty on micro-electronic parts and assemblies/

QVI VIEW Summit Metrology Systems


The VIEW Summit metrology systems are designed for components requiring a large work envelope and high accuracy. Based on the same core technologies of optics, high speed linear motors, and high resolution scales used in the VIEW Pinnacle, the Summit features a fixed bridge design.

QVI VIEW MicroLine AF Mirco Metrology Systems

MicroLine AF

The VIEW MicroLine® Metrology Systems is a high-performance critical dimensional measurement system for wafers, masks, MEMS and other micro-fabricated devices in situations which do not require fully automated operation.

QVI VIEW MicroLine AF Plus Metrology Systems

MicroLine AF Plus

The VIEW MicroLine® is a high-performance critical dimensional measurement system for wafers, masks, MEMS and other micro-fabricated devices in situations which do not require fully automated operation.


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