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Benchmark 300

High Performance Optic Systems


High Performance Optic Systems VIEW Benchmark™ 300 is engineered for high performance and reliability in a floor model package. Advanced optics, illumination, image processing, and available Continuous Image Capture make VIEW Benchmark a world-class metrology system.

The Benchmark 300 comes standard with:
  • High resolution single magnification optical system
  • 2.5X microscope objective
  • 0.1um scales
  • Programmable ring light (PRL)
  • Multi-function hand-controller
  • PC-based system controller.
  • VIEW Metrology Software (VMS), which combines high-level functionality with ease of use in one system.
The Benchmark 300 special options include:
  • Enhanced accuracy with 0.05um scale resolution
  • Pulsed backlight for Continuous Image Capture (CiC) applications
All of the standard VIEW hardware and software options are also available on the Benchmark 300, including:
  • Dual Magnification Optical System
  • Grid Autofocus with Ronchi or Dot Grid Projector
  • 0.8X, 1X, 5X, 10X, and 25X front objective lenses
  • Through-the-Lens (TTL) Laser
  • MicroTheta Rotary Table
  • Rainbow Probe™
  • Industrial Digital I/O
  • Temperature monitoring
  • Elements Cad to Measure Software
  • Continuous Image Capture (CiC)
  • Area Multi-Focus Package
  • Advanced Image Processing Package

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