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The VIEW MicroLine® Metrology Systems is a high-performance critical dimensional measurement system for wafers, masks, MEMS and other micro-fabricated devices in situations which do not require fully automated operation.

MicroLine systems feature the highest quality microscope optics, motorized autofocus, manually operated stages and fully programmable illumination and measurement recipes. Reflected illumination is standard and transmitted illumination is available as an option. MicroLine systems are capable of measuring bright and dark lines, semi-transparent layers, lines with irregular edges and other critical features.


The MicroLine systems are well suited to measure wafers, masks, MEMS, and other micro-fabricated parts. These capable desktop instruments provide precise optical measurement for features as small as 0.5 microns on parts up to 300 x 300 mm. With its advanced lighting and optics, the MicroLine boasts robust capabilities for measuring transparent layers, lines with irregular edges, and more.

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Seiwa Optical Modus Mono Digital Microscope

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