Digital Stirring Hot Plates

  • Accurate digital setting and control of plate temperature and stir speed
  • Be safe—flashing light warns when top plate is hot
  • Push-button knob with turn dial-setting for fast changes and simple control
Sophisticated stirring hot plates offering digital control of both temperature and stirring speed. Comes complete with a detachable PTFE coated probe to accurately control sample temperature to within ±0.5°C — even over long periods of time.
As the hot plate heats the sample to the set temperature, the advanced microprocessor automatically measures the rate of temperature rise to judge the capacity and nature of samples (e.g. oil or aqueous). It then optimizes the heating rate to minimize overshoot and time to set point. An audible alarm sounds when the set temperature has been reached.
Both set and actual temperature of the sample are displayed simultaneously on the bright, easy-to-read, vacuum-fluorescent display. If surface temperature is important, simply unplug the probe and the top plate temperature will be displayed — perfect for warming microscope slides, microarrays, and special electronics.
For maximum security, an independent safety circuit automatically sets to 20°C above the set temperature and shuts off the heater if the temperature exceeds this. Therefore, the hot plate is safe to leave on continuously — even unsupervised or overnight. Internal electronic components are protected against corrosion with a special coating.
Stirring action provides additional temperature uniformity within samples, and the powerful magnet and motor provide stirring speeds up to 1300 rpm with volumes up to 15 liters. Stirring speed is set and displayed digitally to help ensure the same speed can be used each time — great for reproducibility.

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