Analog Melting Point Apparatus

Melting Point

Integral LED illumination and magnifying lens make viewing easy
  • No complicated programming—place sample in capillary tube, set heating rate, and watch for melt Monitor sample through magnifying lens and read temperature on included spiritfilled thermometer See sample more easily with integrated LED lamp
  • Supplied with a blue-spirit-filled thermometer for mercury-free temperature measurements

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Take melting point measurements of up to three samples at once for greater efficiency. Simple to operate, the instructions are printed directly on the unit. Place your sample in a capillary tube and insert it into the aluminum block. Manually set the heating rate between 1°C and 20°C per minute, up to a maximum of 250°C. Lowering the heating rate as you near the expected melting point temperature will increase the accuracy of the reading. Observe the sample through the magnifying lens until the melt occurs and read the melt temperature from the thermometer.

Apparatus is supplied with open-ended capillary tubes. One end should be sealed with a Bunsen burner; or purchase optional capillary tubes separately that are already sealed. Order the optional brass cooling plug to speed up cooling when multiple runs are needed.

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