Laser Ablation System​

Engineered by science

The Iridia Laser Ablation System​ is a purpose-built laser ablation system designed for ultimate flexibility and capable of addressing an increasing range of demanding applications. Coupled to HDIP software, the Iridia system can take your overnight projects and complete them in minutes.

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​Analytical P​erformance

Iridia has high stability laser energy output coupled with highly developed sample chamber flow dynamics enabling high quality analytical performance that can make full use of the rapidly advancing IC​​P-MS technology.

The patented Cobalt sample chamber offers unrivaled flexibility from single millisecond to over second signal generation. With a 300 Hz, 500 and 1 kHz option​, there are configurations for all needs. Compared to all previous 2‑volume samples chambers, the Cobalt chamber can achieve greater analytical performance with far lower gas usage. Typical He usage is around 4 to 5 times lower than previous systems, for example, with a total He consumption of less than 1 LPM.

Powe​​rful, Easy To Use Software

The Chromium 3.0 operating ​​software has been completely re-engineered to provide a streamlined user experience. When coupled to HDIP, the Iridia becomes an incredibly powerful analytical package, offering unrivaled analytical flexibility with increasingly automated data reduction and interrogation modules. ​

  • Patented Cobalt Cell for proven <1ms to >1s flexible analytical performance1
  • ​Quick and easy optimization
  • Geo and Bio configuration – or both!
  • Dual attenuators available for low energy stability (1 – 0.01 Jcm2) for proven selective ablation of biological samples2
  • Eye-safe Class 1 laser alignment
  • MLase laser with enhanced operational lifetime characteristics to minimize operating costs
  • Fully sealed interlocked optical path with pressurized purge and multi-position mirrors for 5× mirror lifetime
  • Software controlled, dual polarizers with geo configuration enabling superior birefringence measurements
  • 300 Hz, 500 Hz, and 1 kHz laser options
  • Smallest footprint (600mm W, 888mm D, 1413mm H), eQC, ExiCheck
  • Proprietary expanded objective array
  • Pre-installed demo version of HDIP software
  • Pulse-to-pulse highly reproducible analytical data
  • High precision analytical data irrespective of single pulse response (SPR) speed
  • Baseline separation achieved at 500 Hz
  • HDIP significantly advances the performance capabilities currently provided by software plugins
  • HDIP generates quality data using peer-reviewed algorithms
  • HDIP allows quick and efficient modelling of analytical parameters for highest quality data
  • HDIP peak detection module for automated optimization ​

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