Desolvating Nebulizer ​System

The Teledyne CETAC Aridus3​ Desolvating Nebulizer System is a specialized liquid sample introduction accessory for inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (ICP‑MS). The Aridus3 can enhance analyte sensitivity up to 10 times or more ​​​and can greatly reduce solvent-based interferences such as oxides and hydrides.​

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  • Analyte sensitivity enhanced up to 10 times or more, depending on liquid sample uptake rate
  • Low-volume sample uptake rates of 50, 100, or 200 microliters/min, preserving valuable sample
  • C-Flow PFA nebulizer with integrated autosampler probe for use with Teledyne CETAC ASX-112FR MicroAutosampler
  • Heated PFA spray chamber for higher sample transport efficiency
  • Both PFA nebulizer and PFA spray chamber are behind a secured door to alleviate electrostatic effects
  • Inert fluoropolymer membrane for resistance to acids (including HF) and low oxide and hydride levels
  • Built-in mass flow controllers (MFCs) for precise setting of Ar sweep gas and N2 ​addition gas
  • Convenient computer software control of spray chamber temperature, membrane oven temperature and both Ar sweep gas and N2 ​addition gas allows remote tuning if the Aridus3 is placed in a clean enclosure
  • New Flow Saver software application allows the user to turn off Ar and N2 gas flows after completion of an overnight run, saving valuable gases​
  • New removable membrane heater block for ease of cleaning or replacement​​​​​​

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