PHI 5000 VersaProbe II (XPS)

PHI 5000 VersaProbe II            

Multi-technique Options Available

The PHI 5000 VersaProbe II is an XPS instrument developed to handle various kinds of analysis required in the fields of research and development. Customers can choose from a wide range of options, including scanning electron gun for submicron surface analysis by Auger Electron Spectroscopy, UV lamp for Ultra-violet Photoelectron Spectroscopy measurements, 20 kV Ar 2500+ gas cluster ion gun, and dual anode x-ray source.

Superior Micro Area Performance

The PHI 5000 VersaProbe II is equipped with ULVAC-PHI’s patented scanning micro-focused x-ray source offering a full range of x-ray beam sizes, down to a minimum of 10 μm and with an irradiation density, equivalent to the performance of the rotation anticathode x-ray source, allowing superior micro area performance.  With high-speed scanning of the micro-focused x-ray on the sample surface, customer can conduct multi-point, linear, and area analyses.

The SXI image is an image of the secondary electrons, excited by the micro-focused x-ray source, taken in by the analyzer. Using the actual x-ray used for analyzing enables accurate and quicker point and click analysis area definition.

Dual Beam Charge Neutralization

PHI’s patented dual beamcharge neutralization is a method of neutralizing by simultaneously irradiating low-energy electrons and ion beam. This enables easier charge neutralization during insulating material analysis since we do not have to change the setting each time for different type of samples.

Multi-technique Options

Optional Cluster Ion Guns

These cluster ion guns allow surface cleaning and chemical state depth profiling of organic materials which was previously difficult in XPS analysis.

Customers can choose from the 10 kV C60 ion gun, 20 kV C60 ion gun, and 20 kV Ar2500+ gas cluster ion gun.  The C60 ion gun does not produce a thick alteration layer, during sputtering, making it suitable for low-damage sputter cleaning or depth profiling for high-polymer materials.

The Ar2500+ gas cluster ion gun is also suitable for low-damage sputter cleaning on a wider variety of organic samples, compared to the C60ion gun.

Optional Scanning Electron Gun

The scanning electron gun allows submicron surface analysis by Auger Electron Spectroscopy, including linear and area analyses and depth profiling with the ion gun. We can easily switch between XPS and AES using software installed.

Optional UV Lamb

We can produce ultraviolet rays with specific energies by glow discharging noble gas. He I (21.22 eV) and He II (40.80 eV) resonance lines are most commonly used. The widths of these rays are only a few milli-eV, enabling measurements of the valence band and Fermi level with high energy resolution. We can also measure the work function.

Optional Sample Transfer Vessel

The sample transfer vessel is for transferring samples into the instrument without exposing to air. By using this, we can transfer the sample from the glove box or prep chamber to the analysis chamber inside the instrument without changing the condition.

Optional Hot/Cold Sample Stage

The heater built into the sample holder can heat the sample up to 500C.  Using liquid nitrogen, we can cool the sample down to -120C.

Multi-technique Software


The SmartSoft-VersaProbe can show the real-time SXI image, XPS element mapping, and spectrum on a single display. In addition, the user-friendly “Session Tab,” on the top, and “Application Tab,” on the right, allows easier analysis tasks.

Multi-technique Sample Preparation Options


The VersaPrep and VersaLock provide an array of sample handling and sample preparation options for the PHI 5000 VersaProbe II to enhance use in research


Sample parking

Sample Heating & cooling

Sample Transfer vessel

Expansion ports to attach additional sources, detectors, or chambers

Gas reactor vessel


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