PHI X-tool

X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy

X-tool is an automated XPS microprobe easy to operate yet guarantees high performance XPS!

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User Friendly!

X-tool software supports easy operation of any XPS instrumentation by way of a simple and intuitive touch screen. The user can freely select how to operate the instrument, from manual settings to fully-automated measurement (automated quantitative and qualitative analysis, and report generation). The instrument supports all users from those with beginners to XPS experience so operation no longer requires special skills or knowledge. The tablet computer also allows an easier operating environment.

Measurement starts in just 3-steps, All tasks from measurement to report generation performed automatically.


Automatic measurements and automatic report generation

Auto-Z alignment function at the analysis point (high-speed automatic adjustment of the level) includes an automatic charge neutralization function for insulated material sample.

The user only need to designate a measurement position then the instrument performs all instrumentation tasks from measurement to analysis of the sample.

Contents of automatic analysis

  • Qualitative analysis:Peak detection and identification
  • Quantitative analysis:Automatic setting of peak range and quantification
  • Curve fitting:Curve fitting by preset condition
  • Report:Automatic report generation in Japanese
  • Automatic qualification function during wide-spectrum measurement

Diversified sample observation

X-tool includes three functions; a) introduction camera imaging, b) live-view camera imaging, c) X-ray beam induced secondary electron imaging (SXI: Scanning X-ray Image).

These functions help the user set measuring positions easily regardless of sample size and its form.


Allows setting detailed conditions quickly and easily by intuitive touch operation


High-speed mapping analysis

Scanning X-ray and the high-sensitivity detector ensure high-speed analysis in non-scanning mode. The software (PHI MultiPak) can analyze chemical state mapping by Linear Least Squares Fitting (LLS).

The following figures are examples for mapping analysis of organic contamination on the surface of organic devices. (Examples for analysis by using the date reduction software PHI MultiPak; a data analyzing software)


PHI's patented leading-edge hardware

The unique scanning microfocus x-ray source (patent) can set analysis areas in the range from 20 μm to 1.4 mm.

Fully automated charge neutralizing system (patent) is a system to simultaneously irradiate low-energy electron and Ar ions to achieve a uniform surface potential to the insulated sample.

The high-performance floating column Ar ion gun delivers high-speed and low-damage ion sputtering.

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