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44th Philippine Association of Water Districts (PAWD) National Convention

PALEU: What is the Lab of the future?

International Conference on Chemistry (IC²)

17th Philippine Semiconductor & Electronics Convention and Exhibition

6th National Conference of Chemical Laboratories

36th Philippine Chemistry Congress

83rd PIChE National Convention

PALEU Online Event: Boosting Productivity in the Workplace

ASEAN Conference on Additive Manufacturing

PALEU Online Event Series 2021

Critical Dimensional Measurement Systems: Optical Metrology for Semiconductor Applications

Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy by DC Polarized Zeeman Background Correction with Live Demo

Simultaneous Analysis of Sulfur and Nitrogen

Climate Change Studies: Mobile Methane and Carbon Dioxide Emissions Monitoring

Sulfur and Chlorine in Petroleum and Petroleum Products

Fundamentals of Dissolved Oxygen

Importance of Leaf-Level Measurements in Climate Change Researches

Virus and Antibody Research using Light Scattering Instruments

Fundamentals of Ion Measurement using Ion Selective Electrodes & Mete

Fundamentals of pH and Conductivity

Expanding the Boundaries of Electron Microscopy: Sample Preparation using Hybrid Ion Milling System

Climate Change Studies: Monitoring CO2 and CH4 Emissions

Antek Elements Total Sulfur and Nitrogen Analysis

National Coffee Education Congress 2019

Chemistry Congress

NCCL 2019


Federation of Crop Science Societies of the Philippines / Federation of Plant Science Associations of the Philippines @ Davao

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