Series 520 PT

Analytical and Precision Balances

Swiss idea, Swiss development, Swiss production. With over 40 years knowledge and experience, Precisa Gravimetrics AG has developed one of the most important innovations in weighing technology in recent years. The Precisa PHASTbloc™ weighing cell allows you to benefit from this advanced technology and provides a technically perfect, easy-to-use, attractive, economical and sustainable balance. Discover the innovations of the 520 series. We look forward to inspiring you - as many users have been already.

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  • PHASTbloc™ technology inside: Precisa Hybrid Advanced Sensor Technology, combines the benefits of current weighing cells with monolithic design
  • Robust and durable design: Die-cast aluminium base and sturdy fibreglass-reinforced durable plastic upper part
  • Improved digital filter: Eliminate external effects of environmental noise, as air turbulence and ground vibration
  • 5“ Touch screen, high resolution: UV-, shock and scratch resistant, anti-reflective, approved to operate with standard laboratory gloves, frameless for perfect and easy cleaning
  • Large 6.4” touch-sensitive user interface with 6 fixed keys: The colour logic displays all touchactive surfaces in blue
  • User interface to customize: You decide what functions you need and the information what is displayed
  • Context help: Simply touch the help icon and the context help appear on screen
  • Stability indicator: Indicates measurement faults and negative influences of the environment with real-time stability prediction
  • Electronic level: Electronic observation of levelling anytime and easy adjustment with visual support
  • Self calibration system, fully automatic (optional): Ensures always a maximum measuring accuracy
  • Human interface device (HID): Turns your balance into a keyboard what transfers the weight values directly and with no typos to the PC without installing any software
  • USB (flash drive): To transfer weight values or reports to a PC if the balance is not already connect by WLAN, WiFi or whatever
  • Swiss made
    Swiss made
  • Backlit LCD
    Colour touch screen
  • Self-Calibration-System
    Self calibration system, fully automatic (optional)
  • External Calibration
    External calibration with calibration warning
  • Clock (printout GLP/GMP, auto-cal, etc.)
    Clock (GLP/GMP printout, auto-cal, etc.)
  • Below balance weighing
    Below balance weighing
  • Anti-theft protection
    Anti-theft protection (mechanical and code)
  • RS232 interface for PC / printer
    Easy alphanumeric input
  • RS232 interface for PC / printer
    Direct tare and reference weight entry
  • USB Host
    Identifier and label handling
  • RS232 interface for PC / printer
    RS232 interface (PC/printer)
  • USB device
    USB host (barcode, flash drive, …)
  • USB device
    USB device (to PC)
  • HID (Human Input Device)
    Human interface device (to PC)
  • EU/OIML type approval (on demand)
  • Integrated alibi memory (as part of EU verification)
  • Support IQ/OQ/PQ
    Support IQ/OQ/PQ
  • Support IQ/OQ/PQ
    Integrated audit trail
  • Variety of measurement units
    Units g, mg, ozt, lb, tael, etc.
  • Percent weighing
    Percent weighing
  • Piece counting
    Piece counting
  • Animal weighing
    Animal weighing
  • Dynamic differential weighing (weighing on ship)
    Dynamic difference weighing (weighing on ship)
  • Free conversion Area conversion
    Free conversion, Area conversion
  • Check weighing
  • Net total application: Add up summation
    Net total application (add up, summation, dosing)
  • Statistics
  • Recorder
  • Density determination
    Density determination (liquids, solids, ...)
  • Automatic repeatability test
    Automatic repeatability test
  • Automatic repeatability test
    Minimum sample weight, USP Chapter 41


Model: Capacity: Readability:
PT 120A 120 g 0.1 mg
PT 220A 220 g 0.1 mg
PT 320M 320 g 1 mg
PT 620M 620 g 1 mg
PT 320C 320 g 0.01 g
PT 620C 620 g 0.01 g
PT 1200C 1200 g 0.01 g
PT 2200C 2200 g 0.01 g
PT 3200C 3200 g 0.01 g
PT 4200C 4200 g 0.01 g
PT 3200D 3200 g 0.1 g
PT 6200D 6200 g 0.1 g
PT 10200D 10200 g 0.1 g
PT 10200G 10200 g 1 g

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