Optical Comparator CC-20

CC-20 – Innovative Illumination = Superior Images
The CC-20 optical comparator is a precision instrument designed for the
shop floor. It has extensive features and a range of options to configure a
system to meet your specific needs. The eye level 20” diameter screen and
conveniently located DRO make measurements fast and easy.
  • 20” diameter screen
  • Heavy duty cast iron worktable support structure
  • Nickel plated worktable
  • 15” x 9” motorized XY travel
  • 0.00004” XY scales
Optics & Illumination
  • Telecentric with fully corrected image
  • Optional motorized 5-position internal lens turret
  • 8.38” constant working clearance
  • 10X-100X projection lenses
  • TruLight™ green LED profile
  • illumination standard
DRO & Software
  • Quadra-Chek QC-100 standard
  • QC-200 or QC-300 Series DRO optional
  • Optional SmartReport with real-time statistics
  • Optional EdgeScan™ for internal automatic edge detection
  • Optional eCAD™ electronic chart overlay package
  • Optional MeasureFit Plus for CAD analysis fitting
  • Optional ImageCapture™ software for saving images and movies
  • Optional eChek metrology software


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